The pandemic has knocked many, many events out of our calendars this year and the Poppy Appeal is no exception.  Sadly, there will be no face-to-face collections which, of course, means that the normal Waitrose Collection will not take place.

Apparently, the Poppy Appeal plans to make arrangements directly with suppliers including supermarkets for donations at check-outs.  Also, Northwood Residents' Association has suggested, and the RBL has agreed, to set up a Just Giving page for the Northwood 2020 Poppy Appeal. Visit the page here.

Please do tell friends and family about the Just Giving page and encourage them to donate via this method.

It is also unlikely that the public Remembrance Parade in Northwood will take place, because large public gatherings are being discouraged.  It is anticipated that wreaths will be laid by organisations and individuals separately, prior to Remembrance Sunday.