A recent article in the Ruislip/Northwood Gazette states that Hillingdon Council has no plans to introduce fortnightly collections, wheelie bins or fines for not recycling properly. It quotes Sandra Jenkins, LBH cabinet member for environment, as follows: “I would like to reassure our residents that in Hillingdon we put our residents first, and will work with them to increase how much we recycle. The council already has an excellent household recycling rate and this is all down to our residents’ participation levels.” Hillingdon has apparently exceeded the Government’s target for 2006/7 by achieving a 34% waste recycling rate and is now working towards reaching 40% by 2010.

The long awaited plans for Northwood Town Centre Improvements have been revealed.

Download plans here

The first phase of works, as illustrated on Appendix Plans A to K, briefly comprise:

- new kerbing from the junction of Green Lane with Dene Road to the west to the junction of Green Lane and Hallowell Road to the east;
- creation of seven parking bays along the north side of Green Lane along the section running approximately from the Nat West bank up to Michael Sobell’s charity shop;
- removal of the ugly railings along the north side of Green Lane and around the junction with Maxwell Road;
- installing a mini-roundabout at the junction of Green Lane with Maxwell Road;
- widening of footpaths either side of pedestrian crossing to the front of ASK on Green Lane and fronting Nationwide on Maxwell Road to help reduce traffic speeds;
- pedestrian crossing to the front of ASK on Green Lane to be raised to help reduce traffic speeds;
- new raised pedestrian crossing across Rowland Place;
- re-alignment of Green Lane around the junction at the eastern end of Rowland Place and Hallowell Road by reducing the kerb width on the north side and increasing the kerb width of the south side;
- provision of filter lane with traffic island on Green Lane for cars turning right off Green Lane into Hallowell Road.

We await more detailed plans from the Council illustrating the proposed location of lampposts and other street furniture although the installation of some of these appears to have already commenced!

In addition, the plans marked Appendix L and M illustrate possible future works (subject to funding) which include provision of traffic lights to the junction of Green Lane, Station Approach and Eastbury Road in conjunction with reversing the one-way traffic flow on Rowland Place (as shown on Appendix Plan L). Alternatively, the provision of two pedestrian crossing islands on Green Lane - one to the front of Blockbuster and the other to the front of David Lichfield to where the existing pedestrian crossing outside Coral will be relocated (as shown on Appendix Plan M). It is also understood that the Council may reduce the speed limit on the central section of Green Lane to 20mph as part of these second phase works.

The recent fatality at this junction makes the proposals more likely to proceed.

Following efforts by the Residents’ Association, the police station – one of the oldest buildings in the centre of Northwood – has been granted Grade II listed status. This means that it cannot be demolished or the exterior altered. Whilst it doesn’t mean that it has to remain as a police station in perpetuity (though we would of course hope that will be the case) it cannot be knocked down to build a block of flats.

The installation and maintenance of traffic lights at the junctions of Green Lane and Rickmansworth Road and Ducks Hill Road and Rickmansworth Road are the responsibility of Transport for London (TfL). If you wish to report faulty traffic lights, or are unhappy with them in any other way, the problem should be reported to TfL either by telephoning the 24 hour Street Faults Contact Centre on 0845 305 1234 or completing the on-line-form at www.tfl.gov.uk/roadusers/reportastreetfault/934.aspx Should TfL respond that it is not their responsibility remind them that Rickmansworth Road is a borough road and, as such, is the responsibility of TfL.

Please let us know if you are unhappy with TfL's response and action.

Northwood councillors have initiated a consultation on the extension of 20 mph zones in Northwood. This is in addition to the 20 mph zone already planned for Green Lane between Dene Road and Hallowell Road, for which funding has already been approved. A form seeking residents’ views is currently available from Oaklands Gate Library.