It is now possible to put fruit and vegetable peelings into the white garden waste sacks for fortnightly collection.

Shredded paper, which was previously classed as non-recyclable waste, can be put into the clear plastic weekly bags in small amounts (roughly as much as will fill a standard plastic carrier bag).

More information can be obtained from www.hillingdon.gov.uk/recycling, or call LBH on 01895 556000.

The latest Hillingdon People magazine has an article about the new local governance scheme being introduced in Hillingdon – either a new-style “Leader and Cabinet” or “Directly Elected Mayor and Cabinet”.

The Council has already decided on the new-style “Leader and Cabinet” scheme but by law it is required to consult with residents prior to implementing the change. The consultation period, originally due to finish on 30 September, has been extended to 15 October 2009.

Make sure you have your say. You can do this through Hillingdon People magazine or by accessing the LBH website at

You might also like to see the information given on the Hillingdon Watch website at:


Work has commenced on Phase 2 of the Green Lane development project. This comprises the installation of traffic signals at the junction with Eastbury Road and, after that, the introduction of a 20mph speed limit between Dene Road and Watford Road, a new pedestrian crossing near the Watford Road roundabout, traffic calming measures between Watford Road and Hallowell Road and the reversal of traffic flow in Rowland Place. Work should be finished by late Spring 2010.

The traffic signals were authorised by Cllr Keith Burrows, Cabinet Minister for Planning and Transportation following favourable recommendations from TfL, the emergency services and LBH. We have been told that, as the signals are a road safety improvement, there was no need to consult with Northwood residents.

NRA is very much against the installation of traffic lights. It is felt that they will seriously impede traffic flow, bringing gridlock to the town centre at certain times, with little tangible improvement in road safety. Indeed, there is concern that driver frustration will result in risky manoeuvres such as jumping the lights. The proximity of the mini-roundabout is a major concern, as it seems inevitable that it will become clogged with vehicles backing up from the lights.

We can only hope that our fears prove to be unfounded.

LBH is also in consultation with TfL in order to make changes to the road layout in Station Approach. We will pass on news when we have more detailed information.

Work began on 5 October to install a new power substation in Station Approach. It will take 12-14 weeks. Excavation of a trench for power cables is due to commence on 12 October for approximately 6 weeks.

Although Station Approach will remain open while work is going on, no cars will be able to park in the road during this time.

Hours of work will be between 0800 and 1800.

In case of a query, please contact London Underground on 0845 257 7878 (24 hours) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The London Borough of Hillingdon is holding a Streets Ahead week of action in Northwood, Northwood Hills, Eastcote, Harefield and Manor Farm wards starting on Saturday 23rd January. A Community Information Fayre will be held in Northwood at Oaklands Gate Methodist Church on Saturday 23 January from 10.30 to 1.30. Stalls will be run by LBH, Metropolitan Police, Age Concern and may other local organisations. From Sunday 24th to Friday 29th events of interest will be held throughout the area and there will be a free collection of unwanted electrical goods on Tuesday 26th January.

A leaflet containing all the details of the Street Aheads programme will be delivered to residents before the event. Details are also available in local libraries and on the LBH website www.hillingdon.gov.uk