Press: Tony Ellis,  Notice boards: Miles Gillman
Website updates: Ros Plume

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The aims of the Communications sub-committee are to increase awareness of both the issues being considered by the NRA Executive Committee and of the NRA itself. This includes liaising with local press and updating the website and local notice boards.


The NRA has a new noticeboard in place in High Street adjacent to the bus stop near Carter Chemist. The Noticeboard is available for advertising local activities and general information from any non-profit making body based in or having links with Northwood.

NRA Noticeboard in Green Lane

The Northwood Residents' Association has recently purchased a Noticeboard for displaying NRA announcements and public information notices. The new Noticeboard has been erected close to the main entrance of Waitrose on Green Lane and, unlike the smaller wall-mounted one in the lower lift lobby in the Waitrose store, this one has a lockable and shatterproof screen which will ensure the notices cannot be removed, defaced or damaged by the weather.