Friday 19th June, Michael Sobell Hospice, 5.5 miles or 10 miles

Our Ladies in the Night Walk is 10 years old this year!

It will consist of two routes, a 5.5 mile and a 10 mile. Walkers on the 10 miler will start off walking towards Duck's Hill Rd then on to Ruislip High Street. Walkers on the 5.5 miler route will start walking along the Rickmansworth Road towards Northwood Hills.

Allsop Durn, the charity sponsor will open his office to support walkers along the way too. Men you are very welcome to join in too, and don’t forget your pooch may well enjoy a late night stroll!

There will be comfort stops along the way and marshals too.

Early Bird Entry fee of:

    £14 PP
    £12 PP FOR TEAMS 10+

For all the details and to book your place, visit the MSH website here.