Northwood Safer Neighbourhood Team officers will open and staff Northwood Police station twice per week for one hour.

Due to the closure of Uxbridge Police Station, the dates and times below will be an opportunity for residents to speak with Police Staff, report crime or any other matters you want to bring to police attention.

Please continue to use 101 or 999 where required; you can also travel to HAYES POLICE STATION where the front desk is open 24 hours.

These contact points have been put in place for your convenience:
                      Wednesday 21st February 2018     3pm – 4pm 
                      Monday 26th  February 2018         12pm - 1pm
                      Friday 2nd  March 2018                3pm - 4pm
                      Wednesday 7th  March 2018         12pm - 1pm
                      Friday  9th March  2018                3pm – 4pm
                      Wednesday 14th  March 2018       12pm – 1pm
                      Friday 16th March  2018               12pm - 1pm
                      Monday  19th  March 2018            12pm – 1pm
                      Friday 23rd March  2018                12pm - 1pm 
                      Monday  26th  March 2018            3pm – 4pm
PC 248XH Dave BELL
PC 198XH Nathan MARTIN
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 020 8721 2545

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