Chaired by Philip Green

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The Northwood Ward panel meets quarterly with the local Police to discuss short, medium and long term strategy and discuss matters relating to local policing. This committee is itself a wider grouping with members drawn from organisations in Northwood. The committee is a two way channel between the police and the community where both parties can raise matters of local concern.

The committee is always on the lookout for new members as we genuinely want to be responsive to public interest.

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A message from Sgt Fanton. "I wanted to give you a warning about a scam that unfortunately has claimed one victim in Northwood Hills this week.

There have been reports of a female con artist working round the Gatehill Estate.

She calls at houses claiming to be collecting for a domestic violence charity. She has been described as being very convincing, well spoken, not unattractive and dressed in smart casual clothing. She has longish brown hair and is quite slim. One resident said the woman ran away when challenged for her ID.

Please report any such incidents to the police on 101.

The following, which has been verified by our local neighbourhood watch, is a recounting of a card scam incident from the victim:

The minutes of the June 2015 meeting for the Police Ward panel are now on public display in the Library. If anyone wants to read them they should be there for at least 2 weeks.

A message from our local Police:

Dear Residents,

There has been an increase in persons offering services door-to-door. If you are not happy that they are legitimate please retain any cards offered, and call the Police on 101 giving a description of the persons and a vehicle registration if possible.

Hillingdon Police maintain a register of local residents and businesses who wish to receive regular crime prevention messages from the police via e-mail. With 45,000 households in the north of the Borough, with a potential 100,000 e-mail addresses, you would think we would have a huge bank of contacts to pass on messages to. Sadly not. Per ward, the take up for the register is currently as follows: