Chaired by Philip Green

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The Northwood Ward panel meets quarterly with the local Police to discuss short, medium and long term strategy and discuss matters relating to local policing. This committee is itself a wider grouping with members drawn from organisations in Northwood. The committee is a two way channel between the police and the community where both parties can raise matters of local concern.

The committee is always on the lookout for new members as we genuinely want to be responsive to public interest.

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Dear Community Leaders & Residents of Hillingdon

The second edition of The Little Book of Big Scams is a superb publication that is really VERY informative. Scams are a horrid crime that usually prey on vulnerable people. Whilst we have low levels of such incidents in this area, they do take place and I am sad to say seem to be coming more frequent. My local police team is working hard with our partners and the community to reduce the opportunities for such crimes but I would be very grateful if you could read this little booklet and forward it on to any community contacts you have both within Hillingdon and further afield too.

Dear Residents

Below is some information regarding a fraud that has been happening in parts of the country and may well be happening in London. If you believe you have been victim of this please report to Police on 101.

A resident of Moor Park Road reports that workmen made an attempt made to gain payment of £4k as a 'deposit' for work said to be needed to relieve pressure in drain causing sewage to back up and overflow at a property several doors along the road.  This occured the day after a different caller had said that investigation had shown there were some weaknesses in his drains which needed to be repaired and the resident told him to go away.

Beware of cold-callers demanding money!