The Association

How We Operate

The NRA executive committee is divided into sub-committees each with responsibilities for specific areas. The sub-committees report back to the executive committee at its monthly meeting.


"The purpose of the Northwood Residents' Association, established in 1966, is to maintain and develop a high standard of amenities and community spirit." Where is that community spirit? Northwood consists of many small, often overlapping, communities - schools, churches, clubs and societies - but looking closer to your home, neighbours also form communities.

The Northwood Residents’ Association has an executive committee which meets each month. Up until now, NRA secretaries have included producing minutes of these meetings in their role. However, the current secretary also edits and compiles the NRA newsletter, a role which has grown considerably during her 10-year tenure. We feel the time has come to share the workload by enlisting the help of a Minutes Secretary.

We hope you are enjoying this year's Christmas lights. Thanks to London Borough of Hillingdon for awarding us a grant for the lights and to Robsons for sponsoring the illuminated tree in front of Greenhill Court. The whole project was master-minded by NRA vice chairman, Miles Gillman. He decided to install the tree himself with the help of new committee member, Paul Medlycott, and Explorer Scouts Connor and Lawson. Thank you to the team!


Northwood Residents' Association Annual General Meeting was held
on Thursday 19th April 2018
at Northwood Methodist Church, Oaklands Gate

There was a fair attendance at this the 52nd AGM of the NRA.

Two new members were co-opted on to the NRA committee at the November committee meeting. We welcome Paul Medlycott who is taking over the Youth Participation portfolio from Avinash Doshi, and Dr Amir Lakha who is responsible for the Health portfolio. Avinash remains on the committee without specific responsibilities, until personal circumstances allow him to commit more time to NRA work.